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Found a great new use for these when decorating the Christmas tree...

1. Use a hole punch to put a nice, clean hole in every card once it's been drained (you can pick up a nice, strong hole punch at your favorite office supply store - be sure to use your Ink card - be sure to get a good, durable one, some hole punchers designed for paper will break after just a few uses on a plastic card).
2. Using string, colorful yarn, or other string-like material (sparkly Christmas garland works nicely), thread the string through the holes in the cards. Be sure to use knots or other method to space the cards out every inch or two - you need to keep the cards from sliding around.
3. Decorate your holiday shrub with your used gebit card "garland".
4. Sit back with an eggnog, dream of the places you will go, and admire your handiwork.

Happy Holidays all!
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