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Disgusted to see the TSA pushing this along. What are the security considerations going to be? Color of skin, all pax wearing orange shirts that day get NoS'd, etc? Interesting to see if anybody who is forced to use the machine will claim racial discrimination and file a lawsuit.

In terms of the medical (can't raise arms) exemption, I wouldn't be surprised if they scanned the perp with their arms down and then did a resolution pat down around the arms..

Originally Posted by joelfreak View Post
Being that TSA agents like to say any medical exception is an "opt-out" I would love to see how they handle this now. I have seen agents say that since THEY think insulin pumps can go through the AIT, if you 'choose' not to go through with one, you are opting out. Does that mean that TSA agents now can practice medicine?
Clerks have been practicing medicine for years. Doubtful anything will change on that front.
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