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Originally Posted by EK788 View Post
It's still going to be another year or so till they revamp/merge their loyalty programs, so not that big of a rush . Let's just hope they take the best of both programs instead of the worst.

This makes it seem like it might all be for the best.
Well, I'd take anything said publicly with a grain of salt - what will determine the fate of the loyalty programs is their profitability. Marriott Rewards is more traditional, in that it there is a nice cut for Marriott between issuance and redemption (and passes those costs onto owners of hotels - in effect, a hidden commission on all guest folios for Marriott directly), but SPG has had to develop more of a currency/arbitrage based scheme (which is in keeping with their private equity/hedge fund roots!) - and is one of the much more profitable parts of Starwood. Will be interesting to see how that evolves!
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