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Originally Posted by catocony View Post
This Courtyard is in the middle of an office park, not right at the airport. It's within earshot of the airport, but that's about it. The Townplace Suites and Springhill are on the other side of Rosecrans, which definitely is not an airport hotel property.
Is your point that neither of these are "airport" hotels and can't use that as an excuse to charge for parking? No, I think that when a hotel needs to get more money for their rooms and they're sensitive to raising the published rate, they do what airlines do and add a fee - in this case for parking.

I'm particularly sensitive to this as I don't have an employer who reimburses me for all my travel expenses. And when I did, I'd still avoid places that charged for what I considered should be included with the room if there were reasonable alternatives. Once I discovered a $1 per day "phone" charge on my bill when I checked out of a hotel in Norfolk VA. When I asked what that was for since I hadn't made any phone calls, I was told "it's because there's a phone in your room." I didn't stay there again. I figured that next time they'd charge me for toilet paper or towels.

I suspect that hotels within 5 miles or so of an airport car rental facility have more than the average share of one-night stays like mine. I don't want to leave a hotel 25 miles from the airport at 5:30 AM to turn in my rental car and catch a 9 AM flight. And the near-airport hotels probably know this.
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