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Usually love the St Regis San Francisco...but service flubs galore this weekend

I normally think of the StR San Francisco as my favorite hotel in the city, and among my favorites if not my absolute favorite city hotel in the USA. But this weekend's stay has been a mess.

We booked an Astor Suite for a paid stay. Then the service flubs began...in dizzying fashion.

(1) Was informed by my Ambassador of a confirmed upgrade to a Metropolitan Suite the night before arrival. Arrived at hotel to be told we had an Astor Suite...and told there were no Metropolitan Suites available. Showed front desk attendant the email from my Ambassador, and even forwarded that email to him at his request...and then went onto SPG app and showed I could still book the Metropolitan Suite, as well. He "somehow" then managed to get us a Metropolitan Suite. Check in took almost 25 min! The Director of a Rooms called us 20 min after we got to our suite to apologize and try to explain. I accepted and simply thanked them for the upgrade...and assumed all would be great again. Wrong.

(2) One of bedroom blackout shades was not blackout and woke me up at 6:15 am. I'm sensitive to light. The hotel said its blackout. It wasn't. Not acceptable for a 5 star hotel.

(3)Housekeeping came 1.5 hrs after we went to breakfast, so that we returned from breakfast while they were starting to clean our suite. Unacceptable. They ask for your room number at breakfast so they can clean your room while you're out...especially at a 5 star luxury hotel.

(4)Wifi was 2 Mbps on our supposedly "premium" wifi (complimentary for Platinum guests) in our suite. I called our butler to complain, and she indicated she would call back. She never called back. Unacceptable.

I called back after a nap (my husband telling me she never called back) and redo plainer about wifi. Was connected to tech support. Spent 35 min on phone to determine they had a system issue. They made me move around suite, checking wifi speeds, as if that should be any part of my issue or of a luxury hotel experience. They said it would be resolved in 30 min. When we returned several hours later, wifi was at 5-7 Mbps. So improvement.

(5) Wifi in Vetrine restaurant was 0.1 Mbps. Emailed speed test to hotel to document. Asked server if they could reset or look at wifi. In 10-15 min, wifi was improved to 4 Mbps. Pretty sad that wifi was an issue for me twice already. I was trying to follow a basketball game in progress.

(6) Housekeeping came late again on second morning--despite us calling butler in advance to get suite cleaned immediately and explaining the issue from the previous day. Called butler at 9:45 am, went to breakfast, returned at 11:00 am...to discover suite hadn't been touched. Then at 11:05 am, housekeeping knocks. Unacceptable.

(7) Called Sat morning after all this to complain to management about the series of now ever-constant flubs. Was told I was speaking to a front office manager, who told me he'd handle the situation and make sure we had a smooth sailing. I told him we'd call housekeeping (which still hadn't cleaned our room) when we finally left the room. About 1 hour later, housekeeping knocked on our door...despite us not having called. Now we're beyond unacceptable.

(8) Whenever we tried to call the butlers or front desk or anyone, we had to wait for 5 min and hang up and try again...since almost always there was no answer. This was true even when calling for morning coffee, even. I've never had to wait so long so consistently or try so many times to reach a butler or front desk or operator at a luxury hotel. Ever.

(9) Called back (several times) to speak with same front office manager...who, on calling back, then admitted he was just a front desk attendant. Now I was furious...and told him so. I asked to speak to a proper manager who was empowered to remedy the situation.

(10) Assistant Director of Housekeeping just called me to remedy the situation. He is the highest ranked manager on property today or this weekend--and it shows. He apologized, admitted the hotel screwed up on numerous occasions.

There seems to be a tragedy of epic proportions in management and service over this weekend at the St Regis San Francisco. It is completely and unabashedly bad on too many levels. Even when advised of my frustration over an issue, they managed to not resolve it and even let it continue. They haven't even asked further about the blackout shade. They haven't followed up to see if wifi in our suite worked better. Nothing. And housekeeping continues to screw the pooch.

From bad check-in, to bad housekeeping, to bad wifi in our room, to imperfect blackout shades, to being unable to contact front desk/butlers, to bad wifi in the restaurant, to speaking with a manager who wasn', to speaking with a proper manager, this has been a comedy of errors at the St. Regis San Francisco.

I can only hope that the GM and senior management team resolve this debacle.

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