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Originally Posted by jonathaninlondon View Post
Hi there, I've got the same payment problem and wonder if you solved yours, and if so how?
I've tried different browsers, different computers, different credit cards and have also gone to the bother of re-applying a couple of times (I think you only get three goes on the payment). Nothing seems to work. It goes all the way through to the very last screen, after the 3d secure credit card page and at that point the transaction fails and I get a Page Will Not Load screen and a bundle of error messages. I know my credit cards are fine.

If anyone solves this for me (the help service has been hopeless - they just send messages to State Bank of India, who ignore them) then I'll gladly make a 30 donation to the UK charity of your choice!

Best wishes, Jon in London
Also have the same issue. I can't even get to the 3d secure part of the payment.

Tell me, are you able to see the 'Billing Details' tab and enter your address? That's where I'm failing. The only way I can get that tab to show is accessing the site via my mobile, but then I can't actually select the tab.
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