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Their debit card has a FTF. I also couldn't find whether the card is Visa or MC, which may be important for some. 1.1% isn't as bad as 3%+ that some charge though.
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And poor CS apparently... I emailed them on Facebook and they told me there was no fee. Sorry guys.
It's serviced by Radius Bank. That means it's almost certainly a Mastercard. The customer service agent was technically right. They don't charge a fee. However, they must likely pass through the Mastercard fees. There's a 0.2% and 0.9% fee for transactions in a different currency and transactions outside the US (I don't remember if that's respectively). It's been mentioned elsewhere, but this is actually a common practice among Mastercard cards, including the Arrival+ apparently.

I posted on the thread on debit cards, but the real difference between my Radius debit card and my Fidelity Visa was something like 0.18%, with Fidelity taking the edge. This was one transaction in Euros done at an ATM back to back.
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