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Originally Posted by FlyingMoose View Post

...The food is outright terrible though subject to route and direction. Flights bound for APAC usually have an offering to accommodate Asian passengers (Singapore chicken+Noodles often which are nice) so you're okay for the C main course. The breakfast is a joke, a few leaves of salad with inedible additions. Flights FROM the United States TO Europe tend to have better C food because they receive US catering instead of Scandinavian.

Alcohol and drink offering is well within expectations and won't leave you disappointed.


Service and attitude is a huge hit or miss depending on crew. If the average age of the crew is closer to a 100 than to 0 you're in for a rough ride. Do not expect service, attentiveness or assistance when very obvious things such as broken chairs need fixing. With the older crews also expect constant interruptions and noise from the crew on night flights so bring sleeping aids. About 90% of my long haul crew experience with SK is bad, there are however also outstanding crews, just to few of them. (Ironically I had a JT flight operated for SK yesterday which had by far the friendliest, most service minded and attractive crew I've ever had on a flight with a SK number.)
I suppose food preferences are somewhat a matter of subjective opinion and culture. Personally, I find the C class catering catering concept introduced this year to be excellent both in terms of quality, appearance and taste. Also, getting rid of the plastic wrappings on the dishes is a big plus. Compared to long haul C on BA and LH, my experiences of the catering on SK, especially out of CPH, are far superior. Perhaps SK is catering more to the Scandinavian taste, e.g. more fish, dark bread and dairy products?

About 90% of my long haul crew experience with SK is good. Yes, they are not SQ, but overall I find the crew good save for the 10% indifferent to bad crew.
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