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Jennifer Hughes
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infant seat loophole?

Hi, I'll be flying with my 3 children: aged 1, 3, 7. The 1 yo will be a lap child, I know I know. The flight is $700 though. I'd love to get him into an empty seat on the plane, but I'm realizing that's highly unlikely. He makes for a terrible lap child at age 1 (way too wiggly). My 3yo makes for a great lap child! She loves to snuggle and watch the ipad on flights. Can I bring the carseat, put my 3yo daughter in it for take off and landing, and then move my 1yo over to it and let the 3yo snuggle with me? When the seatbelt sign comes on, I can move her back to her carseat and hold the 1 yo again, but what if he is asleep (the goal!) Would you, as a flight attendant, make me wake him to put her in the seat belt? Or would it not matter to you, because either way- there will be an unrestrained child?
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