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Originally Posted by cdancer20 View Post
Only $1.8k. The $2k was just an auto CLI on another card. My total CL isn't that high esp compared to my income and others. I think I just need to clean up some things on my credit report before next time. (i.e. accidently letting cards close too high.)
Ah, sorry. I missed the I on the end of CLI. My bad.

Originally Posted by PETERPNYC View Post
I have a $10K CL On my 5 month old HH reserve and 21K CL on AA Biz card .
Do you guys think reducing the Biz card also would improve my chances of getting auto approved .
Just got approved for my 3rd card via recon early November and when I get back home in a week want to activate it and hope it converts .
Would like to avoid recon.
Still afraid to cancel my 2 older WE cards, prefer to not rock the boat for the moment .
Yes. Reduce the CL on your business card. Assuming everything else is good, this will (most likely - no guarantees) make the difference between having to call recon or not.

This is just my rule, but I generally reduce the CL on any new cards (that I don't need a high CL on)not long after I meet the minimum spend and pay it off.

You can keep track of the amount of credit Citi offers you on each card, and how much you have already available on currently open/recently closed cards. If you do that for a few rounds of new cards, you can come up with a pretty solid number as to how much total credit Citi is willing to extend to you across all your accounts. That way you can know going in to an app that you're not going to come up short on available credit. I definitely prefer going into an app knowing that I have 25k in available credit, rather than hoping I've got enough. This works (to some extent) with any bank, not just Citi.
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