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Originally Posted by Happy View Post
Could you give more details on the time line as you said you got bonuses on 2 cards AFTER your first MC-W (unconverted) - did the MC-W was open 18 months ago before you applied again? If that was the case whether it is converted or not, does not make any difference as you have satisfied the timeline. Otherwise, that is something the community has not known that a less than 18 months old W would not interfere for subsequent bonus.

Did the first MC ever convert to WE eventually? and if so, how is the timeline in relation to the 2 subsequent cards that successfully earned bonuses?

Your clarification would be very helpful because it is quite confusing to me and I would imagine to others as well.

My first MC-W was in 2013, I waited 18+ months for the 2nd application which was converted to WE within 2 months. Then applied for 3rd which again got converted to WE within 2 months.

From what I have gathered only MC-W's that were opened somewhere in early to mid 2015 onwards get converted to WE. So my first one from 2013 always stayed an MC-W.

If you have an unconverted MC-W you would have to wait 18 months (or for an automatic WE conversion) before a new application to get the new bonus.

Here is my complete timeline
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