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Originally Posted by Paby View Post
So, why do you fly such a terrible airline at all?
Travel time first, wifi and punctuality often can't be beaten from ARN by other carriers. There is the 1/30 flight where the planets align and you end up with a proper meal and crew which does provide an acceptable ride in terms of value for money.

We've seen a lot of improvements on SK's product in the past 18 months, the remaining items are all simple fixes and I'm hoping they will get sorted sooner than later. For example AY does not have any of these issues, so it is not a Nordic problem. I fly SK to support them in achieving those fixes so the airline becomes more attractive. The items I'm raising that need improvement are echo'd widely by others.

I have no corporate agreement that forces me to fly SK, I'm free to choose who I fly. I value spending as little time in the air as convenient as possible. Having something normal to eat and something to watch are not outrageous requests when forking out at least 30k SEK per trip.

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