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8/65 day rule question

I had my fun with the Exec cards back when they were god's gift to us all, but have been (mostly) laying low with Citi since the end of last spring. But not long ago, I did get a new Citi Business MC. Now that it appears the word "elite" has become so important, I'm thinking about re-upping for a World (not-so-elite) MC (which I previously had, which was converted to "world elite").

My question is around the definition of the dates used with the 8/65 day rule.

I only have one new Citi card app in the past 6 months, so I'm certainly good to go on the "65" part of the equation. But I do have a new Citi biz card, so I want to be careful about the "8" part, too.

There are actually three dates associated with my new card that I've tracked in my trusty Excel sheet:

Date Applied (Nov 11)
Date Approved (Nov 17)
Date Activated (Nov 21)

My app for my recent card actually sat for almost a week before it was approved (without any intervention on my part). If the critical date is the application date (which I think it is), then today is Day 18, and I should be well in the clear (even though some of the intervening days were not banking business days).

I assume the following is true (based on wiki content and previous experience), but would like confirmation from the cognoscenti...

For the purposes of the 8/65 day rule...
1. The only day that matters is the application date (not approval date, not activation date).
2. We always and only count calendar days (not "business days", bank holidays, weekends, etc. - those don't figure in to the count - it's strictly calendar days only).

Are the two points above generally accepted as correct?

Thank you!
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