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Does anyone have experience or knowledge of this?
I checked Citi for pre approved offers in preparation for applying for a new Citi AA plat, as my last one was converted from W to WE after opening. I had no pre-approved offers, none at all for Citi, so was concerned about applying. But on reflection, I recall that years ago, late 1990s, I had opted out with the 3 main credit bureaus from pre-approved offers.
Would the mechanism Citi would use for checking for preapproved offers at my request be blocked as well by my opt out? The opt out does not prevent banks from checking my CR if I apply, it isn't like a freeze in that respect.

In case you are wondering, I did the opt out long before I discovered Flyertalk and after I had learned about identity theft risk from pre approved offers being stolen from one's mailbox.

My credit score is 800+ and I have only 11 pulls for 24 months on the bureau Citi pulls for me, so not sure what else would prevent my being pre approved for any Citi cards.

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