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Ha, Seat behind? ORD-MUC, next to me in the middle aile with 4 seats a fat guy with his family, I nearly leaned on the aisle because he needed a bit much space..
After an hour or so he decided to let his kid sit in his place next to me...my enthusiasm fanished immediatly...This little monster either played around in the seat, thus kicking me and nearly leaning on my seat, or he slept and kicked me there all the time. He thought noone minds when he stretches over 3 seats while sleeping, and now lets talk about parents not getting a hint!
I love kids, but the ones around me learned to behave when in public, this boy was at least 5, there you can expect some manners!

And directly after that is when people leave during meal service their seats reclined! Dont they listen to those "please bring your seat in upright position" announcements?

Enough ranting, I have seen the last years also some truly wonderful kids on airplanes,and believe me, I always talked to their parents and made them compliments!
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