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Originally Posted by a310pilot View Post
I don't understand "what's in it for them" comments.

Who is to say... this little gesture might make a long life customer out of him? You never know and from marketing stand point. It works. next thing you know he could be telling all his family, friends, coworkers, online forums of what just happened and how nice Etihad guest services are... might even change how I view Etihad guest services. LOL

Besides Eithad card won't be much benefit to him if he won't fly Etihad. so even if he gets his next tier. if he don't fly Etihad or etihads nest of airlines this card will be worthless to him. So who ultimately wins?
Where do you draw the line of the little gesture? At 800, 900, 1000, 1500, 2000 miles? If they make one exception and it goes public, imagine how many more will ask.

Rules are rules and they are for everyone. This is not the farmers market.
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