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Originally Posted by Blueskyheaven View Post
Thanks. I have pics taken from my new iphone and have other pics saved on my PC but they are casual pics and these are not OK right?

If it means cropping and editing, I am not good at these but I will try as I have to.
It needs to be a photo taken specifically for passport and other ID purposes. Plain shadow free background, full frontal face and so on.
Stand a few feet in front of a plain wall, preferably white or very pastel hued in a well lit room, well in front to avoid shadows. No flash. Choose the best of several exposures and edit it on the iPhone. If you are looking at the photo on your phone you will see 'edit' as an option. You can play with this and you will see tools to adjust the exposure and contrast to get the background etc exactly right, and to crop the photo down to exact head and shoulders format. Send the adjusted photo to your PC and you are there.
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