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13. Well, you have the intermediate stops correct and in the right order. However, the airline was not Pan Am and the aircraft was not a Boeing 707.
I think it was Mexicana with a Comet.

1. Identify the only turboprop aircraft type ever operated in scheduled passenger service between San Francisco (SFO) and Honolulu (HNL). Also name the air carrier which operated this equipment on the route.
BOAC Bristol Britannia.

8. Correct! I believe the Canadair North Star was a Canadian manufactured version of the Douglas DC-4 and was equipped with Rolls-Royce Merlin engines
The Canadair was one of those aircraft which seemed to have different names everywhere. Canadian carriers called it the "North Star", while UK ones (not only BOAC the original purchaser but also all the independents they were inherited by) only called it the "Argonaut". Canadair themselves principally called it the Canadair Four, or C-4. Sometimes it turned up as the DC-4M (M for Merlin engine).

It was a bit more than a Canadian DC-4, with different systems, pressurised (so more like a DC-6), and with the Rolls-Royce engines. Canadair had done subcontracting work for Douglas in WW2 and did get some design assistance from them. Canadair were prepared to accept UK currency for them, which the US manufacturers were not, so a large batch went to BOAC around 1949, which lasted on long-haul services way beyond initial expectations due to BOAC's succession of the pathetic Handley Page Hermes, the ill-fated Comet 1, and the Bristol Britannia which took years to get right. However, Canadian Pacific didn't take to them, selling theirs to Trans Canada after just a few years and substituting DC-6Bs instead.

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