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Originally Posted by gooselee View Post
To be fair, I often decline PDB because I don't like drinking Woodford out of a plastic cup.
Originally Posted by LaserSailor View Post
Thx, we will put you into the wiki.
( I hate plastic cups too)
Originally Posted by NotHamSarnie View Post
I forgo the PDB because of the plastic, but I don't have them pour one and then reject it because of my delicate sensibilities.
Originally Posted by ACCDraw View Post

Plonk is plonk. Plastic won't make it worse & the glass DL serves it in won't
improve it. Mr. "I can't drink wine from a plastic cup" could try bringing his own Riedel glassware.
Originally Posted by EditingFX View Post
Fine fine fine.... for all you Woodford-holics.....
Just understand it counts as a personal item!
Originally Posted by ACCDraw View Post
^^^ Brilliant - thats so "Frasier".

After imbibing, any DYKWIA worthy of their DYKWIA-ness would hand them to the FA and insist on hand washing & drying with a lint-free cloth so they could be properly stowed before landing.
Originally Posted by Howste View Post
Do you suppose they could emboss the leather with Diamond Medallion (or Kryptonium Medallion) and Million Miler status?
Originally Posted by gooselee View Post
I am not ashamed if this is what gets me in the wiki.

I actually did the bourbon trail earlier this year and came back with a set of those glasses on an old Woodford barrel stave. Looks nice and constantly functional in our house. Wouldn't travel well, though.
Wiki updated as "Mr ,I can't drink wine or Woodford from a plastic cup"
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