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Originally Posted by Seat 2A View Post
Thank you jlemon for this impressive collection of questions. I'll have a stab at a couple...

12. In 1964, Eastern Provincial Airways was operating only one aircraft type on its routes in eastern Canada. Identify this equipment.

Let's go with the ubiquitous DC-3

13. In 1967, this airline was operating service twice a week from Montego Bay (MBJ) to Mexico City (MEX) with a four engine jet. This flight made two intermediate stops en route. Name the air carrier as well as the two stops in the order in which they were made and also identify the aircraft.

This sounds like Pan Am, likely routing via Kingston and Merida with a 707
12. Ah, no, Seat was not the Douglas DC-3.

13. Well, you have the intermediate stops correct and in the right order. However, the airline was not Pan Am and the aircraft was not a Boeing 707.

Please guess again, sir!
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