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Originally Posted by DavethSYD View Post
I was around 300 short at one point and they wouldn't bump me up - as with most Etihad Customer Service experiences YMMV.

My last SYD-LHR return managed to get me to gold this time thankfully.

Edit: I emailed 2/3 times and called a couple of times and even with 2 return trips Aus-UK already booked and paid for they wouldn't budge...
Authority levels tend to be low with ME3 frontline staff, and there is a moderate inhibition to forward things up, so I wager it's more about these organisational aspects than Etihad just being stubborn or uncaring. Sometimes logic hits road blocks (it is, after all, a very modest request made). Luckily you got over the line on your own activity anyway.

Out of interest, when you requalified for Gold, how long did they extend your status? I've read you don't get as much as the first time you qualify.

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