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Originally Posted by nightkhan View Post
At the end of the video right before it cuts out, the person recording (or someone close to the camera) mentions something about taipeiflyer getting assaulted, and if anybody saw that, or something to the effect (watched the video once yesterday, details are hazy for me right now).
Right at the end the friend says 'he laid his fingers on you, did you see that?' I would have thought if he had been choked, the friend wouldn't have said he 'laid his fingers' on him and asked if he saw it. How wouldn't he have seen it if he was being choked? But again, not discounting that anyone laying hands in you is unacceptable under any circumstances, the video clearly shows that this is not what taipeiflyer was yelling at the staff member about. He was clearly talking about missing his flight. There was no mention of police or assault by him at all. It was all about missing the flight.

I watched the video again and this is what was said (yeah, I have way too much time on my hands, I know):

Taipeiflyer: You know what? You guys are the ones that screwed up, not me. Do you understand that? No, I am not going to take a seat. You f-ing answer me.

Staff member: Sir, we cannot....

Taipeiflyer: Then fix it. Fix the situation. You guys screwed up.

Friend: We missed our flight.

Taipeiflyer: We're two hours late - that's what you need to fix.

Staff member: We cannot do anything right now.

Taipeiflyer: Yes, you can. You can fix it. So fix it. I didn't fly on a f-ing first class from San Fransisco to f-ing deal with this sh--. You understand that? So fix it. You know what. Fix it.

Friend: He's got an assault charge right now, the other guy, too. He just laid his fingers on you. Did you see that? Did you see that?

So the friend mentioned the assault for the first time at the very end of the tape. Like he was pointing out to the others that the guy 'laid fingers on you' and asking if they saw it. If you watch the video, a guy sitting in the group in front of them says 'excuse me', seemingly in response to the swearing, and the guy sitting in the chair right in front of them reaches back and seems to touch him. He then kind of stretches his arm up a second time, not touching him this time. Is that what the friend is referring to when he says 'He's got an assault charge right now, the other guy, too. He just laid his fingers on you. Did you see that? Did you see that?' That little touch is what he was referring to? I think so.

You can all draw your own conclusions about what he was really yelling about in the video. Me, I don't believe for a second it was about calling the police. I am even starting to doubt the whole choking excuse as it seems to me that the friend was referring to the other guy just barely touching him with his fingers during the exchange with the staff member. This is just my opinion and maybe I'm wrong but the video is pretty clear, at least to me. The tone, the behaviour and the language is inexcusable. In my opinion, taipeiflyer needs to own what he did. If he truly was choked at some other point, ok. That's another issue. But that isn't what I'm seeing in this video.
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