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Originally Posted by Phasers View Post
You again. Ok I'll bite.

I have purchased a ticker on a carrier I have no status on. So let's review.
  • Did not earn miles to my preferred loyalty program - AA is nuking mileage earning anyways, so it's a wash now
  • I flew coach - With AA I'm batting around 40% for domestic upgrades this year, and 0% for international upgrades. Sure with AA I get MCE, but booking at the last minute I get MCE seats about 50% of the time anyways since 737s only have 3 rows of MCE.
  • No checked bag allowance - I only bring a carry on anyways for domestic trips, as I'm sure many business travelers do

Many of these issues could be solved with simply getting the cobranded credit card.
* But what happens when things go south and IRROPs happen?
* But do you get lounge access on international trips?
* But was there space for your carry on when you boarded in group 4 or 5?
* But did you have to fly in a middle seat?
* But did you have to stand in line at check in or security (no PreCheck, and OLCI not always available/working, at international stations)?
* etc.

Over the 60 to 80 segments I fly in a year, these things matter. The ancillary costs add up. My company's travel policy doesn't allow us to buy domestic F in any circumstance, and international J in only rare circumstances. Nor does it reimburse lounge passes.

And I can focus on a credit card that has much better rebate potential than any airline card.

This is really rehashing a lot of ground that was covered in the other thread. So I'm not sure there's any point in continuing.

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