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I have hit PLAT the last 8 years on mostly personal travel, I have lifetime Gold.

The RDM changes flat out suck, that was one reason I made an effort to hit PLAT, the double RDM miles. So when flying somewhere with family, I could pay for my flight and use miles for everyone else.

That is pretty much shot now. I live near DFW airport and getting to Love Field is a royal pain for me, so realistically, I am stuck with AA .. I wish Virgin still flew out of DFW. I'll look into AS though, that seems the only other realistic option, but I need to check to see if there is a minimum # of flights that need to be on AS metal, as I would rarely do that.

If I am stuck with AA, I really question the value of trying for PLAT every year versus just being Gold. Beyond upgrades and a slight discount on the AC (which actually has improved over the past several years IMO), I really do not see much upside anymore for me.
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