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For hotels, there is this great website that specializes in just French hotels:

I envy you your trip...I love Paris. I've been there in '92 & '97, both times on a budget. I agree with everyone that you can't eat a bad meal there. Everything is better...the butter, the coffee, the crossiants. It makes me salivate just thinking about the roast chicken & fries that only the French can do so well.

I have to warn you about a few of the suggestions...unless you are made of money,
you will not be eating at a few of the establishments suggested.
I had to smile at the suggestions of Lucas Carton & La Tour d'Argent. At $50-200 a meal (you'd drop $600 easily in a dinner with wine at La Tour d'Argent). Some FlyerTalkers sure live a travel lifestyle that I would like!
On a practical suggestion, 2 things.
If you like Chocolate, there is a "tea room" next to the Louvre that is known for its Chocolat Chaud. (hot chocolate to you and I, but nothing like American hot chocolate). The chocolat they serve is African or Mexican or something like that. I can't remember, but it comes in a little pot and it is so thick it's almost like syrup. They serve it in a demitasse and you have to sip it slowly it's so rich. Awesome. And it's not really expensive. I ate lunch there, finished with a lemon tarte & this chocolate (trust me...the lemon tarte was unnecessary this chocolate was so rich) and I think it was $20 or something like that.
Here's the info:
Angelina 225 Rue de Rivoli Metro stop: Tuileries
There is a good guide on restaurants that sorts them by open 24 hours, with a view, the "In" restaurants, etc at

One more recommendation. If you're going down the Seine on a boat (and that's kind of a mandatory to do) don't take the Bateaux Mouches. They are the famous boats that go down the river and speakers spout info on the sights in 4 or 5 languages. They're filled with tons of people and you can't really understand anything they're saying. When I went again in '97 my aunt's sister (who lives right outside of Paris) took me on the "Vedettes de Pont Neuf". These are the boats that you buy tickets for next to the Pont Neuf (translation: 9th bridge). They are smaller, less noisy and have announcements in French & English only, done live by a young person. I enjoyed it ten times more than my Bateaux Mouches experience. I took the trip at night as Paris is a glorious city at night.

Have a wonderful time.
J'adore Paris!
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