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Originally Posted by DENflyer3 View Post
I have a last minute flight to HNL this Friday with a turn around Sunday for work. I booked both flights in F, and am 1K. Both flights are currently oversold up front and no seats are currently available, given my fare class and status I suspect that someone else is going to get bumped in favor of me, which means I am probably going to be sitting right next to their upset spouse to and from.

Question 1. Should I get myself protected on another flight, just in case?
Question 2. Any advice on how to handle someone else getting bumped and replaced with me? I have never given it a second thought on a short haul domestic, but a 7 hour flight may make this a little awkward especially when their vacation might start or end badly.
Question 3. What is the downgrade compensation for this flight at more than 3,000 miles?

Any other advice to avoid getting myself bumped?
I assume you're booked on UA 382? In which case it's due to the pilot rest seats(4A/B). They show up as occupied on UA, but when you pull from GDS (I.e expertflyer) they don't exist. Somebody more knowledgeable on the DEN-HNL pilot rest rules can chime in, but I know on LAX-HNL 777, the same thing happens but they don't actually use the seats for pilot rest. Hence, UA is willing to sell those seats, but just can't assign until at the airport.
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