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Part 6: FRA-LHR LH Y 321 (AC Lounge and LHR T2 Plaza Arrivals)

Part 6: FRA-LHR LH Y A321 (AC Lounge FRA and LHR T2 Plaza Arrivals)

Like a live lobster placed in a freezer, I continued my slow descent into the icy clutches of the fate that awaited me.

What a fall from grace.
SQ Suites to SQ F to SQ J and now I found myself waiting to gain entry to one of LH's many functional J lounges.

My onward flight to LHR was on LH Y. I had thought that an intercontinental J boarding pass would grant me entry to the lounge. I would have a shower, eat breakfast and print my boarding pass there.

The pompous little dragon delighted in telling me that if I wanted to gain access perhaps I should pay for business class

So now I found myself with no boarding pass, no lounge and two hours until wheels up.

Thankfully I still had another option...

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge - Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

At the desk to the Air Canada Lounge I was warmly greeted by the dragon. "A Singapore Airlines business class customer? Of course, please, welcome to the Air Canda Maple Leaf Lounge!"

Wow. Not only was the dragon super friendly, the lounge was nearly empty, filled with delicious food, beautifully decorated and had runway views!

20 power points for 8 seats and an awesome flame statue? ^

I really like how the lounge is broken up into various areas, they all fit the central colour scheme but offer very different styles of seating.

My first stop upon entering the lounge. Now I will admit that I was pretty effing jet lagged at this stage and had just gone through an emotional rollercoaster with the lounge dragons and the thought of a day in the office looming large, however I could have sworn that this machine played classical music as it made coffee.

If anyone can verify this for me, it'd be great to confirm that I didn't go nuts.

I like how they had water jugs with sliced lemons in them. I abstained but it was funny to see how many dudes in suits were plowing back beverages from the far end of the drinks area at 8am.

All the carbs you could ever want. Bonus points for the pastry cups intended for use as scrambled egg receptacles

Seriously. All the carbs.

Thankfully there was also some fresh fruit and cold cuts to counterbalance the carb festival. Bonus points for TG Whalejet views.

My breakfast. The bescahmel scrambled eggs were spectacular. Best I've ever had. The breakfast was so good, I had it three times over

I really enjoyed the Air Canada lounge. It did get busier as time wore on but was cleaned constantly and dishes were replenished well before they ran out. Also, the design made the space feel a lot less busy than it would have felt had the seats all been placed in unbroken rows - as tends to be the case in AA or BA lounges.

Also, I cannot emphasise enough how much it helps having views of the outside world when trying to adjust your body clock.

Lufthansa LH904
Frankfurt (FRA) - London Heathrow (LHR)
Duration: 1h40m
Aircraft: Airbus A321
Seat: 26F (Economy Class) !!!

Not much to report here. Y is Y. Boarding was quick. The FAs were more friendly than I was expecting. Better than a lot of BA shorthaul crews.

I had the best seat on the plane. The guy next to me tried to convince me that he should have the seat instead as he had booked an exit row. Yeah, sure I'll take your middle seat with no extra leg room. Good idea @:-)

In no time at all we found ourselves at LHR T2. This did not happen by accident. I had planned to arrive on LH as I wanted to check out the recently opened Plaza Premium Arrivals lounge at the *A terminal. It is the only Priority Pass arrivals lounge that I know of anywhere.

Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge - London Heathrow T2

I was offered a shower key as I checked in and quickly stopped at the bar for another coffee. My 6th of the morning.

There was a training group in there going over the features of the lounge, so I didn't take any pics of the main area. It is just a small bar with a few tables nearby, they serve hot food and coffees, which is basically all you could ever hope for in an arrivals lounge.

The shower room was spotlessly clean and quite spacious

Excellent water pressure and again, super clean

The drawer was stocked with a variety of amenities

Ready for the office


This trip was awesome.
Super awesome.
I went one and a half times around the world in the space of 2 weeks.
I snowboarded in Japan, hung out by the pool in LA, went to Katz's deli in NY, drank at a rooftop bar in Singapore, hung out in the world's tallest Park Hyatt in Shanghai and tried four different SQ premium cabins.

That is the power of FT.

The trip was tiring but definitely doable, given the comfortable surroundings in which I found myself. With enough coffee, booze and sleeping tablets you can make any timezone work

The sheer diversity of experiences was monumental. Before FT I had never even conceived of the possibility of seeing the world like this. Flying in business class... one day. That was the dream.

How things have changed. The TR forum made me aware of the possibility of itineraries like this. As this forum has inspired me, I hope that you'll all be able to derive some value from what I've written.

How would I rank all of these products having flown them all in such quick succession?

Best Seat
SQ Suites is the best. No surprises there. The hard product is just so insanely breathtaking that nothing could ever spoil it.

Best Service
. My F flight on the 777 and J on the 77WN were both stratospherically good. Unimaginable. The level of personalisation and care was truly beyond reproach.

Best Food and Beverage
JL F the wine list is exceptional (quite possibly the best there is) and you get the impression that no expense has been spared anywhere. Cedar chopsticks, Loewe amenity kits, $200 tea in a wine bottle etc.

Best Lounge
I visited some overrated lounges: QF F at LAX, CCR at LHR and TPR at SIN. A bad lounge: CA at PVG. And then there were two pleasant surprises: AC at FRA and SQ F at SIN.

Out of these I actually liked the SQ F lounge at Singapore Changi the best: more casual and less busy than TPR with a wider selection of food and the ability to serve yourself (choice is the ultimate luxury after all).

Honorable mention
SQ J on the 77WN. Given the option, I would definitely take this over BA F from LHR-SIN. The service was up to the quality of the hard product too. A cabin of 8 people in J is fantastic. Something about the layout and colour scheme makes it infinitely nicer than rows 3 and 4 on the AA 777 too.

As an introduction to SQ it exceeded expectations wildly. BR has better F&B as well as PJs etc. but it doesn't feel luxurious.

SQ's J on the 777WN leaves you with the same lasting impression as a good flight in F. The level of customisation, personalisation and attention to detail is just fantastic. I would seriously love to fly this again.

Thanks everybody for reading all of this. Now I'm only 6 TRs behind...

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