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Originally Posted by YuropFlyer View Post
To taipeiflyer: Sorry, but YOU cut things too close. You got lucky that you were rebooked for free in that case - it was simply YOU (and your friend) being too late.

Next time (and generally for the future), I would suggest at least 15min more time to leave the lounge beforehand. ie, when the walking time is 5min, leaving the lounge 30min before departure, not 15min.. and never ever trust on a "buggy ride", unless it's a clear benefit that's part of the service contract and guaranteed.

On the other hand, guess most people had such experience in one way or another. Be happy you didn't got charged anything for it.
YuropFlyer- I don't need your flight tips- i've done this dance long enough. CX doesn't even announce flights in the lounge until 30 mins before departure. we requested a buggy 5 mins after they announced it. for me, and for CX, this is water under the bridge. we both moved past it a LONG time ago. I simply came on here to let people know the full story (not the highly edited planned parenthood video version)- not to get into an argument with anyone. as i said, form your own conclusions. safe travels.
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