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Originally Posted by taipeiflyer View Post
Nor did I want until the last minute- I requested a buggy 15 mins before the gate was supposed to close. We waited 10 mins for one when they said it would be 1 minute. I enquired a second time during that period and was still told to wait. Had they simply been upfront about the buggy arrival, I had plenty of time to walk to the gate. Just as easily as you can use the butterfly effect to cast all blame on me, it can just as easily be flipped. My issues with CX were not with respect to missing the flight- it was with respect to how they handled everything afterwards.
Whatever may have happened there can be no excuse for the language you used or the way you spoke to the CX employee. I'm sorry but whilst I have a degree of sympathy for you given you say you were allegedly assaulted much of that sympathy is diluted by the fact that you chose to then make a verbal assault on a blameless member of staff.
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