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Originally Posted by paperwastage View Post
according to a rep, it covers calls back to USA and calls within the foreign country you are in. Doesn't cover calls to other foreign countries

I guess we'll get more details
Thanks. I've been meaning to call in. I also need to figure out if my 19% employee discount applies to this. If it does, that's $8.10 a day.
If it covers both calls back to the USA, texts to/from the USA, and local calls & texts in the country I am in, then that's great.

I spent 5 days in Aruba recently and used their $25/100mb package since I didn't plan to stay on the phone much. I didn't want to deal with a local SIM for a short trip with little usage. This would have been $$40.50 assuming I get my discount, with nearly unlimited usage. That's not bad.

Now, on my upcoming trip to Ireland, I'll be there 12 days. Since Three swallowed up o2, I decided this was a good time to swap over to Meteor anyway. Their unlimited plan is EUR30 (currently about $32). The Verizon deal (assuming again I get my discount) would be $97.20. I have a 5 hour layover in LHR, and that would have required either not using my phone there, or buying the $25 VzW plan in addition to the Meteor SIM, so now I'm at about $55.

I think I'll stick with local SIMs on longer trips, but this would be a great option for shorter trips, trips with multiple countries where buying SIMs isnt practical, or those that need to keep their same number and don't want to deal with Google Voice/etc.
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