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Originally Posted by bdschobel View Post
The "problems" this past year can fairly be attributed to a single TalkBoard member whose behavior irritated probably everyone -- and certainly me in my position as TalkBoard president. That member remains on TalkBoard for another year, but we have changed our procedures in several ways to prevent one person from gumming up the works. I do not expect similar problems to occur next year.

I think blaming one person for the issues of the past year is uncalled for. Multiple people have been involved in and provoked ongoing bickering, arguing, etc. across different topics and discussion.

While one member has been more apt to be slow to vote in many cases (much to the frustration of some), the vitriol directed towards them might demonstrate to some why this TB member has chosen to wait so long to vote?

Per the guidelines, members have had two weeks to vote. Be it 8 of 9 people vote on the first day the vote is open or the's within the established rules.

Vilifying them while they're still within the parameters of the guidelines is further uncalled for.
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