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I believe that I have in the past done a good job of focusing on the issues at hand and keeping discussion focused on the positive. I intend to keep true to that tradition as a member of the next session of the TalkBoard.

The biggest key in contentious matters is to remember to focus on the facts and ideas and not the person. The FlyerTalk guidelines actually speak quite nicely to this, as do the TalkBoard guidelines, and it's when we lose sight of those requirements that discussions become unpleasant.

Remembering to believe the best about other people is another way that can help to keep discussions friendly. Whenever anyone posts something I don't like, I try to see the argument from their perspective, understand their rationale, read their posts in the manner that casts them in the most favorable light possible, and, if necessary, disagree with their posts in a logical and factual manner.

Is it reasonable to expect our more than half a million members all with different personalities and perspectives to get along in perfect harmony? Of course not. But I try to do the best I can to add to a fun, respectful, collegial atmosphere in my circles, and I believe we can further refine FlyerTalk's processes to extend that out further to keep our forum as welcoming and positive a place to post as any.
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