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It has been unfortunate that there was a lot of public personal bickering by some TB members this year, as it detracted frequently from discussions of items that were of importance to FT. I understand the frustrations that led to it, but ultimately the question that needed to be asked was, did the bickering help FT & FTers? (No).

There will always be differences in opinions and that's perfectly OK, but ultimately differences should be discussed civilly. And if any TB members are not doing their jobs properly there are mechanisms that can and have been implemented.

BTW - it's actually against TB guidelines for public sniping at each other

C. Responsibilities

i. TalkBoard Members
a. All TalkBoard members are FlyerTalkers first and foremost. TalkBoard members are expected to conform to the Terms of Service and conduct themselves with civility in a spirit of cooperation for the betterment of FlyerTalk. Personal attacks, disrespectfully calling other TalkBoard members’ motives into question and petty bickering and sniping will not be tolerated.

Whether it's on a regular forum or TB forum I try to be respectful of others & also try to get threads back on track when they go pie-shaped with snark or bickering. It's inevitable that with 500,000+ members & even 9 TB members that there will be some disagreement. But as FT TOS says, attack the idea, not the person. I try to keep that in mind when posting & will continue to do so.

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