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Originally Posted by ashill View Post
I do agree, but what better times could they ask for in an ideal world, subject to the constraint that they arrive in HND between 2200 and 0600 and depart between 0000 and 0600? AA's times are almost exactly the same as DL and UA have for their LAX-HND and SFO-HND flights; the only difference is that AA's HND departure is a bit more than an hour later (0130 vs 0010/0020). I suppose that hour could be improved, but I wouldn't say 0130 sucks much more than 0010.

An early morning arrival in HND would be better than the current late night, but with a midnight departure, that's not feasible.

It seems to me that, given the absurd constraints, these slot times aren't terrible and aren't appreciably different than the competition.
I wonder how much consideration they have given to an early morning arrival into HND, have the aircraft sit for 17 hours and then fly back to LAX. Surely those slots times are much better for those on the West Coast and enables JAL domestic connections at HND.
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