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Was supposed to post this earlier.

DL 2503 on the 26th

Choices were Chipolte Beef/Shrimp in a Ginger Sauce. Chose the Beef. Open Bar PDB. ^

FEBO was observed with the flight attendant stating that Richard Anderson had passed the memo down to them himself (probably a joke but it did get a few chuckle's from those who knew/cared who he was referring too). The highlight of boarding was some DYKWIA who boarded last minute with a huge suitcase and insisted it fit. She seemed mortified that someone had a small tote bag in the overhead bin with a bag of chips on top and kept telling the flight attendant, there's chips in the overhead bin.
To his credit, he simply closed the bin and told her that her bag would be put in the coat storage as it was empty.

Really wished Delta catered alternate dressing. Not everyone likes balsamic vinegar.
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