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More detailed comments

Hi All -

I'm now on a semi-long layover in Paris, so figured it'd give me some time to give some more detailed comments on my 10 hours in Al-Safwa last night.


- The "Quiet Rooms" (again poorly named), are in my opinion, the best by a long shot of any F class lounge I've been too. Essentially for 8 hours in the night it meant I had a mini-hotel room with en-suite shower, and a keycard to come and go as I pleased. Didn't seem to be a time limit. Approximately 7-8 of these rooms. TV however didn't seem to be linked to anything.

- As mentioned briefly.The lack of a map, or a "guide to Al-Safwa", I think will mean 95% of customers will miss most of the lounge. To get to the family rooms, you have to go through a area that says kid-zones (no-prior signage). As said before, they aren't really family rooms at all, moresemi-private lounges which are great. The sign for the "quiet rooms" had a image of a person on a semi-reclining chair. Heck, it was only in the last hour did I notice there was a large indoor balcony terrace. This meant, that in my time there I still saw some people sleeping on the couches in the foyer.

- The food was decent. No Michellin-Star, but pretty good. Though not on the menu, I was served an amuse-bouche and a mini-sorbet in between courses. Krug on free-flow

- Tons of staff, but some still seemed really confused about certain things. IE not knowing about certain services, or the locations of certain things. And nervous to the point of no personality. The one exception was a (I assume manager) that was extremely friendly and actually did offer me a tour of the lounge, and very proud of the lounge. Also, it's a bit eery to be the only person in a whole section and see 3-4 staff hovering around.

- The Spa, as mentioned by LAN44, is the biggest disappointment for me with no-free treatments (something both their middle east competitors do). The prices were very high, around 500-600AED per hour. You should definitely take a walk through it though, it looks fantastic on the inside. But if you don't book a treatment, you have to shower in the bathroom behind the family room (nicer than I'm describing it), or in your quiet room. Did not see/hear any mention of a tailor.

- Some flights board from the lounge, but I can't tell you the procedure as my flight to Paris did not.

- Sometimes the photos don't do it justice, but the detail and quality of the hard materials is evident throughout.

- I don't know about others, but its weird being in such a big place that is eerily quiet.

- The lounge has it's own duty free.

-No unicorns, but could easily have missed them.

Like someone mentioned below, for all intensive purposes it is a lounge. A very nice, very detailed, very cool lounge but for all intensive purposes a place to wait for a flight. Having done most of the major first-class lounges in the world (all on points ), there are pros and cons to each. I love the Wing in Hong Kong, but it can get extremely busy. I love the bathtubs and Porsche service in the FCT, but it's a pretty small space overall. This will rank up there though with the best I think.

Feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer as best I can . Thanks all!
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