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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Hub captive and refugee from PMNW.

DL seems to work for me with good operations and decent IROPs handling. I've been doing fine so far with the FF program, upgrades, G A P fares, SWUs and GUCs, etc. but I realize that I'm paying high fares out of MSP for the convenience of nonstops.

Now if DL just would give MSP some decent aircraft and stop ripping out FC/BE/D1 seats.....and undo the redo of the F/G SC to bring back the cubicles, plus give me some cheese and cracker options consistently.
Also as a MSP flyer, you are some what captive unless you like connections. If you only went to places like ORD, MDW, LAX, IAH and DFW(just to name a few) you would have options for UA, SW and AA directs.

However I go to PDX, SEA, BIS, OMA and FAR frequently. Unless I want connections DL is my only option.

I will say after getting moved to a UA flight, DL has better CS. I am not for cattle herding so SW is out(Plus not a fan MSP Term 2). In my short three years of flying I have only had to do connections to one destination PSP as no DL directs.

I have been lucky on getting a fare number of UG being GM and even as FO. I my tickets are usually two weeks or less thus getting high fare class.
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