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Why does Delta have your loyalty?

Used to be ATL based up until 2004, then moved to RIC...easy for me on the loyalty side, I have 1.6million miles on delta and for some crazy reason I'm trying to get to 2MM. May take me another 3 years but my uncle was a Delta pilot, father in law was a Delta pilot, and good friend of mine was DL pilot prior to 9-11 layoffs. Family connections and it feels like home. Great Irrops support, friendly FA, excellent routing choices from RIC (ATL in winter, DTW in summer). Pricing always competitive, and bottom line, I just don't like flying other airlines, fees like I'm being disloyal to my bride or something. Weird I know, but Delta has solid product and even with hiccups now and then, I realize it's commercial air travel and it's not always awesome. Now if I could just get our client to agree to a Delta private jets card, I'd be set for a while! Speaking of which, where the heck is my delta private jet emails offering $300 upgrade to G6 instead of that awesome mad dog service RIC-ATL!
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