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Thanks very much for your detailed response!

Originally Posted by djp98374
remember in December you have shorter days. You are going to need to break up your drives.

I would instead do 2nd night instead of Cameron--move it to Page.
That is a possibility, but I think we are going to be quite tired that night. Our plan is to hike as far down the GC as possible and back in one day, maybe all the way down. (Yes, we are both quite fit people so this is not necessarily an insane plan!) The drive from GC Village to Page is 2.5 hours as per Google Maps, vs 1 hour 15 minutes to Cameron. My thinking was that I'd rather go to bed earlier and get up early to drive to Page, vs. driving more the night before.

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Antelope Canyon is worth the tour costs.
Good to know, thank you.

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In order to do the wave--they give out 10 lottery tickets every day for the next day. The tickets are done in Kanab. IIRC correctly the BLM office is closed on weekends so on Friday you could get tickets for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.
That settles it. We are getting into LAS on Friday, and our only day to visit the Wave (or Antelope Canyon) would be the following Monday. So not possible to do the Wave.

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doing a drive with stops in Page and Monument Valley is too much to do in December.
We were not planning to do Monument Vallley in any case. So I'm fine with the fact that it's too much to do

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Also understand at higher elevations it can be cold and snowy. I have been to these places in December and saw snow.
That is in our thinking as far as clothing, plans to be flexible on driving and hiking in the parks, etc.

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The other issue will be Moab to Bryce. too much for a short daylight.
As per Google Maps, this drive is less than 4.5 hours. Why would you say that it is too much?
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