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Originally Posted by lucycan View Post
This hotel always charges me tax on the "normal room rate" regardless of my actual rate. So sometimes the tax is like 10%, other times its 40%. I've stayed here 10+ times and was told "thats just the way it is". I don't remember if this is the case in other Marriotts in India, but pretty sure its NOT the case at the RC in Bangalore where I have stayed many times. I assume this trickles down to the Points stays as well, but its very odd. I would think you could deal with Marriott on this, and tell them the hotel has been not helpful.
Thanks Lucy. I believe this is just a Delhi issue. I became aware of it while browsing a thread in the India forum to get some sightseeing tips on Delhi and Agra.

I have spoken to both parties and neither are helpful. Marriott just keeps repeating the same line - "taxes are imposed by the local authority and not dictated by Marriott" and the hotel either just doesn't understand my question or care enough. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes once I get there. What I don't want is to receive an upgrade and find out that the taxes were calculated on some obscene rack rate. On the flip side, if the taxes are not that ridiculous I'd rather have the upgrade, but I need the information to decide one way or another.

Since you've been there multiple times, can you let me know if the hotel provides a free shuttle to/from the airport for Platinums?
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