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Originally Posted by Rookie3 View Post
At this point I actually usually use express comps when I am not staying at a MLIFE casino rather than when I am staying there. I have not really asked for anything when not staying there in years because in those instances I am not playing table games. Since I will no longer have express comps to get drinks in the clubs or eat when not playing the tables, my experience is definitely impacted by this - even if the comps go in a different bucket, it's not likely to be a bucket that can replace how I use the express comps most of the time. Hopefully you are wrong about them cutting across the board and the comps will still be available - but that will only be helpful when I am staying on property.
Still absolutely clueless as to why you insist on not using primary comps when you are not staying on-property. This is possibly up to 90% of your comps we're talking about, that are going into a bucket that you are for whatever reason refusing to use when you're not on-property. I would be much more concerned about why you are leaving so much of your comps on the table than that express comps are going away.

BTW, if you just want drinks at the bar in a nightclub, get your casino host to hook you up with drink tickets from a nightclub host he knows. Every host at every nightclub is going to have dozens of these every night. No reason ever to pay for drinks at a nightclub if you have any sort of connection to the host team.

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