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Sadly, I agree

Originally Posted by UA Apologist View Post
With all the rats abandoning the sinking RB ship, I predict BB (and Serve) to be dead before the end of the year.
Loading at the one reliable Kate in the area on Friday and I noticed a woman get in line behind me. I was about to ask if she needed the ATM (wince I was only on card 3 of my staples $300s) when I noticed her start opening a gift card package. I figured if she is that damn dumb she can wait. I finish my load and give her a warning about the velocity limit.

I said I had started less than 10 minutes ago and loaded 1500 so she would need to be careful about the limit. She mumbled something and gave me a stink eye like I was going to mug her in the middle of WM. I then glanced at her gift card to realize it was a OV (distinctive package) and tell her never mind since she can't load the full 500 anyway! Got another grumble and she stepped to Kate. I got the distinct impression she was clueless and arrogant so I actually grabbed a seat at the bank of photo computers so I could watch. After about four frustrated swipes she gets extremely agitated and picks up her cell to call someone apparently to ask for directions. I had enough and started to walk out and told her that the gift card she was trying to use doesn't work at WM unless she only planned on 49.99 at a time. I tried to be polite and quiet so as to not alert the nearby CSRs. She was speaking English on the phone but then pretended like she didn't understand what I was saying and started speaking Korean to whomever was on the other line. As I left i saw her walking her brand new BB and a OV to the money center desk to try and load there. It's those types that know enough to be dangerous that will eventually kill it all for us. All because she or her husband read some half assed article about "how to fly for free!"
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