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so its been a few hours since I closed my redbird online and I still cant sign up for serve yet because I "still have an account opened with target redcard." SIgh I even have the Email from target saying my redcard is officially closed. Did some of you have to wait longer than the "one minute" to sign up for serve or bluebird? I am using same information for everything.

The vast majority of times people run into your situation is because when signing up for Serve/Bluebird they didn't use the same email address and phone number as what they had on Redbird before closing Redbird. I wrote a Redbird to Serve/Bluebird guide after the death of Redbird, several others have done that also before and after. Because of the huge Redbird to Serve influx I think it would make sense for the moderators to put some of these comments on a separate thread, or just open a separate thread, perhaps having it function for future changes as well, something like "Switching from one prepaid Amex account to another", with its own wiki from some relevant info and FAQ. This would help both people who are switching over and have questions and Serve-regulars visiting this thread who are sick of reading such questions here from us new/Redbird converts.

Another reason for such errors affecting a smaller number of people could be due to people having several prepaid Amex accounts and/or subaccounts...it seems that you have to use a unique phone number + phone type for each such account (not sure about emails, perhaps). That is, you might not be able to use the same phone nr + type of phone nr (cell, home, etc) for more than one activate prepaid Amex account.
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