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Sorry for such a newb question, but I imagine I'm not the only one wanting to verify this:

I'm booked flying IAH-BCN on BA and returning on AA metal. During booking I added my AA FF#. I assume there is nothing else I need to do to assure the flights get credited to AA- correct? Also, is my understanding correct:

1. I'll earn 1.5x EQP on all legs, and also earn 1.5x EQM (ie: redeemable) on AA legs, 1.25x EQM on BA legs?

2. I signed up for the AA Europe bonus, so that will be an additional 25k redeemable miles for the RT- correct?

3. I am on the ExP challenge (as I'm sure you've guessed) requiring 25k EQP. My understanding is that class of service counts for the LinkedIn challenge; so all of the 1.5x EQP's on both AA and BA will count towards to the challenge- correct?

Again, sorry for the basic questions- want to make sure I'm right and calling AA to ask is not in my plans!
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