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Originally Posted by spizzy View Post
I would of thought so but then I read reviews from peoples Trip Reports.

Nearly every review I have read of the A380 EY product says that the bed is hard and uncomfortable and that EY are looking a providing a thicker mattress pad for it (A major problem for me on a long haul route).

Also not as major IMO, that the shower is smaller/more cramped than EK and its in the same room as a toilet (hope the floor is cleaned before you shower).

Other than that it looks like an excellent product.
Those reports are right about the bed (it's very firm even if you sleep on the leather pad, the foam pad, the blanket and the doona), on my last flight the bed wasn't even flat (slightly dipping on the left) - not comfortable at all. The seat isn't all the comfortable either and has less adjustability than other First seats.

The bathrooms are smaller than Emirates, but the shower itself is only a little smaller in terms of space and I actually like the Etihad shower more than the Emirates one (has better water pressure IMO) - especially with the Le Labo toiletries (Six Sense stuff pretty sad). The Emirates shower attendants keep the Emirates A380 bathrooms spotless, Etihad a little less so (but still acceptable). Both Etihad and Emirates showers share the room with a toilet and I don't find it a problem personally.

The Etihad A380 First Apartment has a feeling of space, but most of it is wasted space IMO and a missed opportunity in my book. It's also surprising how worn the A380 First Apartments are starting to get given they are still very young - I've encountered broken doors and drawers, loose seals, patched up dividers, pen marks and things falling off.

Having flown a number of carriers in First, I wouldn't rate it as a leading First Class experience.
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