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Originally Posted by stargold View Post
Shower - yes, the door closing thing is a bit silly. I solve the problem by putting my palm against the shower head until the water gets hot... although it feels distinctly less than First Class to have to do that
Good tip though - I'll try that when we fly again in a few months.

I am with the OP though, in that it is simply a phenomenal product. We were flying to Tokyo on BA F a week after flying the First Apartment. The disappointment in my girlfriends face was brilliant; to be fair, she could have said the same about me. It's a shame they only do a few routes on it, otherwise I would just stick to Etihad for all our long-haul flights in future, but even with their limited routes I am going out of my way to fly it twice next year.

Coincidentally I was in the Maldives last year and ended up having dinner with a nice English couple. As part of the standard "so what do you do for a living" malarky, it turned out his company designed the interiors for planes and was working on Etihad's new product. He said he couldn't tell me anything about it, but he felt it was something very different than what existed currently. That is putting it lightly. I emailed him when we flew the First Apartment in August just to tell him how impressive it was.
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