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Originally Posted by spizzy View Post
I would of thought so but then I read reviews from peoples Trip Reports.

Nearly every review I have read of the A380 EY product says that the bed is hard and uncomfortable and that EY are looking a providing a thicker mattress pad for it (A major problem for me on a long haul route).

Also not as major IMO, that the shower is smaller/more cramped than EK and its in the same room as a toilet (hope the floor is cleaned before you shower).

Other than that it looks like an excellent product.
The main criticism I have of the shower is that you cannot turn it on without the door being closed, which means you have to be stood in the shower as you turn it on, and the water comes out cold for a few seconds. First world problems, I know, but for a brand new plane I wish they just gave that a few more minutes of thought before they decided to do that.

As for the bed, I found it very comfortable and didn't have any issues with it. I have a Tempur mattress and pillows at home and have used it for over 10 years, so if it was too hard I would have struggled to sleep.
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