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I'm new to the game as well and wondering if you could load a Serve account with reloadable gift cards? I think I may have lucked into a pretty sweet deal through a local credit union that's offering prepaid reloadable Visa cards for a low one-time fee with a pretty high max. limit. The cost to reload is only $1 with unlimited (from my understanding) capacity. I'm not sure as of yet whether it codes as a purchase or cash advance, but it can definitely be funded by a credit card. I'm planning to try it out this week, but I'd like to understand what to do with the funds on the card after it's loaded. How would I transfer the balance back to my Visa in order to refuel the "manufactured spending" and then repeat the transaction? Is Serve the best way to go for this? I don't think I'm able to pay off my Chase card directly with the reloadable prepaid card so presumably I'd need to find some sort of buffer or inbetween to feed the card balance through. I'd really appreciate any advice or pointers!
May want to make sure that it can be loaded from a CC not from your CU, a lot of CUs allow for you to use their CC but not others and doesn't always state it before you try.
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