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Here is life after 18OCT and until the first long haul to PVG:

19OCT AY821
19OCT AY822
19OCT AY995
19OCT AY996
20OCT AY811
20OCT AY812
20OCT AY995
20OCT AY996
21OCT AY811
21OCT AY812
21OCT AY995
21OCT AY996
22OCT AY821
22OCT AY822
22OCT AY995
22OCT AY996
23OCT AY765
23OCT AY766
23OCT AY995
23OCT AY996
24OCT AY3271
24OCT AY3270
24OCT AY735
24OCT AY736
25OCT AY831
25OCT AY832
25OCT AY667
25OCT AY668
26OCT AY831
26OCT AY832
26OCT AY667
26OCT AY668
27OCT AY765
27OCT AY766
27OCT AY667
27OCT AY668
28OCT AY811
28OCT AY812
28OCT AY667
28OCT AY668
29OCT AY811
29OCT AY812
29OCT AY667
29OCT AY668
30OCT AY831
30OCT AY832
30OCT AY667
30OCT AY668
31OCT AY871
31OCT AY872
31OCT AY667
31OCT AY668
01NOV AY831
01NOV AY832
01NOV AY667
01NOV AY668
02NOV AY831
02NOV AY832
02NOV AY667
02NOV AY668
03NOV AY645
03NOV AY650
04NOV AY811
04NOV AY812
06NOV AY811
06NOV AY812
06NOV AY995
06NOV AY996
07NOV AY765
07NOV AY766
07NOV AY995
07NOV AY996
08NOV AY427
08NOV AY428
08NOV AY995
08NOV AY996
09NOV AY821
09NOV AY822
09NOV AY995
09NOV AY996
10NOV AY811
10NOV AY812
10NOV AY995
10NOV AY996
11NOV AY765
11NOV AY766
11NOV AY995
11NOV AY996
12NOV AY821
12NOV AY822
12NOV AY995
12NOV AY996
13NOV AY811
13NOV AY812
13NOV AY995
13NOV AY996
14NOV AY765
14NOV AY766
14NOV AY995
14NOV AY996
15NOV AY427
15NOV AY428
15NOV AY995
15NOV AY996
16NOV AY821
16NOV AY822
16NOV AY995
16NOV AY996
17NOV AY811
17NOV AY812
17NOV AY995
17NOV AY996
18NOV AY765
18NOV AY766
18NOV AY995
18NOV AY996
19NOV AY821
19NOV AY822
19NOV AY995
19NOV AY996
20NOV AY811
20NOV AY812
20NOV AY995
20NOV AY996
21NOV AY765
21NOV AY766
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