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Originally Posted by aceboy44 View Post
I just had a very bad experience with Emirates where they REFUSED (or could NOT) honour my upgrade to J class...... despite paying the Flex+ rate.

I guess I will toss away my membership card once it expires and will not make EK my first choice of airlines

I am 8K miles short on achieving my gold status but after not honouring my upgrade using miles, then Skywards means nothing to me.
I'm curious though - when you say refused to honour an upgrade, does that mean they took the miles off you, gave you a J boarding pass and then at the gate cancelled and refunded the miles to you and made you sit back in Y?

Or did you simply buy a Y flex plus ticket, asked to upgrade, but was told it was not possible, both at the airport and on board? The upgrades are space-available, so if there was no space in J to upgrade to then how would they have processed your upgrade...? Flex plus doesn't entitle you to an upgrade, it just means you earn more skywards miles and have no change and refund fees...I should know, I have to buy them quite often
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